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Common Printer Issues

For many, having a printer in the office or at home is a necessity. But a printer does come with a unique set of potential problems. Printers make life easier, but they can also cause annoying headaches when they don’t work as they should.

Slow performance

A slow printer performance can be remedied by going into your document’s print settings and selecting a lower-quality printing option. Printing at this setting will be significantly faster. If you just need to print notes or text documents, producing a high-quality page isn’t really necessary.

Lined pages

If your printed documents are not clear or have lines running across the page, it’s time for a cleaning. Go into your printer's settings and run a cleaning cycle. Make sure to print a test page before declaring the problem solved.

Paper jams

Avoid paper jams by using fresh sheets of paper that aren’t torn or crinkled. Don’t overfill your paper tray, either. Store extra printer paper out of the sun to avoid yellowing and dust-collection.